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in Omnis now?

In addition to the scarcity and inflation protection, we briefly mentioned in our previous points that large investors have also discovered the crypto world for themselves. The times of nerds investing in cryptocurrencies are long gone. A well-known example is Elon Musk, who made investing viable for companies through Bitcoin and Dogecoin investments.

The crypto world has also caught on with asset managers who have discovered crypto investments for themselves in terms of diversification and the lower correlation to the stock markets. Various estimates for the price development of Bitcoin are circulating in the media, which are often between USD 120’000 and 250’000. If you now add the scarcity and the certain inflation protection of crypto currencies and put this in relation to gold, which has been the investment for inflation protection so far, the forecasts for crypto currencies seem realistic.

We at OMNIS are the opinion that, as an investor, one shouldn’t oversleep the current trend for a diversified portfolio, which would include OMNIS too, as that could be crucial.