HODL – Hold on for Dear Life

Since 4% of OMNIS tokens are being burnt with every and each transaction, OMNIS can, simmilar to gold, be understood as a scarce commodity but with far better benefits than gold. This means that every investor who carefully stores the tokens in the wallet, receives additional token shares of 4%. Holding the tokens contributes to the general stability of the OMNIS currency and helps to fulfil the vision of the OMNIS token.

Anyone who invests money in crypto will encounter volatile markets sooner or later and then it will be important to remain calm. Remaining calm is not only the biggest contributor to the performance of the investment with cryptocurrencies but other investments as well. In order to support this attitude, we reward the holding of the OMNIS token. This means that you can look forward to a few more tokens each and every day and the increased value of your wallet as a result.