1. Open your trust wallet and go to the right corner
of your wallet “settings”
2. Copy this contract address and paste into the search field:
3. Now enable OMNIS
4. Go back to the main


1. Go to your BINANCE app
2. Buy BNB with credit/debit card
3. Transfer BNBs from Binance to your trust wallet -> copy your BNB address (receive) from the trust wallet and paste it in the „address field“ in your binance app (“withdraw”);
4. Choose BEP20 as network
5. Your BNBs should appear in your wallet shortly after
6. Tipp “max”
7. Tipp “Send”

After a few minutes go to part three (the transaction takes a few minutes to be transferd in trust wallet)


1. Go to your trust wallet
2. Click on received BNB’s
3. Now click on “more … “ -> swap to smart chain
4. Click on the BNB field (yellow one) and type the amount of BNB you’d like to swap
(it should not be 100% of your BNB amount – you need to leave a small amount back because of the transaction fees)
5. Now swap and wait for approx. 2mins
6. Then refresh your wallet by swipeing down


1. Open your browser (Safari or so)
2. Type in
3. Tap „Connect“ (upper right corner) -> WalletConnect -> Trust -> Connect/Verbinden
(Now it should be connected. DO NOT tap „close“ or X). Just „swipe up” and go back to your browser.
4. Once you’re back in your browser on go to upper left side and tap the three lines left from the “bunny”. Now tap “Trade” and then choose “Exchange”.
5. Now type in the amount of BNB and then choose “OMNIS” as a new currency (if Omnis doesn’t appear, paste this contract address into the search field
6. Now go to “Settings” (to be found next to the title “EXCHANGE”) -> set slippage to 12%
7. Swap max 5.5 BNB‘s per each transaction till you reach your whole investment amount (repeat the transaction with 5.5 BNB‘s till you reach the investment sum you wanna to invest)