Slide A token taking care of its holders but the world too OmnisToken WHITEPAPER We are not trying to go to the moon – we are planning on staying grounded.
Why? There are plenty of unfilled possibilities on our planet. So why not fulfill them?

About us...


… a deflationary BEP-20 token based on BNB Smart-Chain that rewards its holder by burning 4% of the tokens out of a total of 500’000’000’000 with each transaction. This means that for each token holder, the share of the total volume of the token increases from day to day.

OMNIS is different than all the others BEP-20 based tokens in many ways, because the main wallet which holds the total volume of the token holder is blocked for at least 5 years. This means that neither the devs (owners) nor anyone else can get the equivalent of the volume. This offers the maximum possible security for each investor.

Furthermore “omnis” in Latin means “all” and that is what OMNIS token stands for. The philosophy of OMNIS serves in the first place its investors and at the same time supports those in need with numerous donations.

The OMNIS token offers its token holder mechanisms that are unique on the market.